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Two Important Steps Toward Emergency and Disaster Planning

June 02, 2021

If you faced sudden evacuation of your home, would you be prepared to grab all your important documents and items on your way out the door? Few of us would be clear headed enough to know what we need, and where to find it, in a time of crisis. Here are two important steps to take well in advance of any possible emergency: First, create an inventory of your home possessions, inside and out. Document this in a formal list, and take photos or videotape for insurance purposes. Include values, model and serial numbers, receipts and appraisals whenever possible. Second, assemble an Evacuation Box to store key documents and items like cash, wills, bank account numbers, computer backups and medical information. Make sure your box is durable and lockable, and store it near an exit for quick access. Preparing for an emergency can help lessen its financial impact. For more information, call us or drop by our website.