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About Oculus Financial Group

January 06, 2021

At Oculus Financial, we use our keen eye and experience to help guide clients through the minutiae of the financial world no matter the goal. Jason chose name and logo for Oculus Financial during this time in the United States Marine Corps. It embodies the essence of the way we do business. Our depiction of the Chinese Enso in our logo symbolizes strength, elegance and single mindedness. This represents the way we collaborate with our clients to help them meet their goals and feel confident and secure in their financial future. Our depiction of the Japanese Tree of Life symbolizes the circle of life. This represents the way we nurture and grow our relationships with our clients and their families. We consider them a part of our family and will always put their best interests first. The name and logo combined represent the philosophy of our firm and the fiduciary role we play in our clients’ lives. We are dedicated to our clients and we feel it is our duty to support them throughout their lives. If you’re looking for expert financial planning advice with personal concierge service, give us a call. We are here to serve you.